Estes Park Gun & Archery Club

Indoor Range Clean-up Report

October 17, 2015

As our volunteer clean-up crew gathered on this Saturday morning, it was evident that the hunting season kept some from attending. Our seven man/woman crew worked together like a well-oiled machine.

First we mixed up partially used gallons of latex white paint to be ready for volunteers arriving at 10:00am. We then inventoried our ¾ inch PVC pipe target stands for repair and we set up a table outside to repair them. We repaired clips, bases and only had to make one run to the hardware store for "T" joints. We will need to get a better supply of "T"s as couplings are covered, maybe two sticks of ¾ inch PVC pipe and target clip holders for repairs needed this winter.

We policed the outside grounds for trash. Pet users were using the backside of our port-a-let as a dumping area for their dog pooh since the District moved their trash receptacle from their doggie bags stand. Nasty task but they worked it out to clean the area (gloves and shovel). We pulled up noxious weeds as well.

We winterized our sump pump drainage out the East wall to direct it inside to the West wall drainage connection system. We cleaned out the 3-door locker near the sump pump, saving wheel bearings for our air blowers and unused paper targets. With the locker ready to paint, we used one of our half empty white flat paint cans to spruce up the outside. Items for clean-up: rags, roller pans, paint brushes, dust masks, hood, body and foot apparel for lead dust protection were centralized in one locker and EPG&AC prone mats and gun club banners in another locker. An inventory list will be posted on each locker door.

We worked on getting an Archery target out of its leaning position which truly needed a 2x4 base construction. This was not planned as one of our projects as the lumber was not available. This is what our Club is about, an improvement was seen that was needed and we attacked it and completed the improvement.

By 11:00/11:30, everyone had a paint brush or paint roller in hand and the entire down range area walls had a fresh coat of paint. Four large bags of used targets, dirty and unusable locker items will be taken to the Waste Management dump.

This team acquired 23 hrs and 36 minutes of in kind service hours, accomplished all their projects and worked well together. Thank you.

Sharyn Gartner